Retro Flight Bags

Braniff International's famed Bluebird of Happiness Logo was designed by New Mexico Architect and Herman Miller Designer Alexander Girard in 1965. It was a key logo along with the BI Logo used for the revolutionary End of the Plain Plane Campaign that transformed Braniff into a marketing powerhouse. Our classic Retro Flight Bag features a handsome Braniff International logo for enhanced beauty.

The roomy Retro Flight Bag measures an impressive 15 inches in length, 5 inches wide and 11.75 inches tall providing plenty of space for packing your on board travel items. Enjoy the feel of the 1960s with this classic bag which comes in either blue, green or black with the BI Countries Served logo or Bluebird of Happiness logo in white with Braniff International Sky Font.

Each thick vinyl bag is stitched for long-term use and a side flap ads a convenient compartment for your computer of other electronic devices. A wide and fully adjustable vinyl carrying strap is color keyed to the bag's color enabling the bag to be carried over-the-shoulder or as a suitcase.

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