T-Shirt Braniff Sheppard Collection 1959 707-227 El Dorado Super Jet Yellow

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MADE IN THE USA for BRANIFF INTERNATIONAL. In 1959, Braniff inaugurated its first pure jet service with the Boeing 707-227, that is perfectly depicted with this classic T-Shirt, which is available in Medium, Large, XL, XXL and 3XL. The 1959 Red and Blue El Dorado Super Jet Color Scheme is beautifully captured on this all-cotton t-shirt from the Elizabeth A. Sheppard Braniff International T-Shirt Collection.  

All proceeds from the sale of these fine cotton shirts are donated to Braniff Airways Foundation to support its Braniff Airways preservation projects. The Foundation is an IRS registered 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization.

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In December 1959, Braniff inaugurated its first pure jet service between Dallas Love Field and Newark Airport using its luxurious Boeing 707-227 El Dorado Super Jet that was painted in the 1959 Red and Blue El Dorado Super Jet Color Scheme. Braniff ordered its 707 with a standard Series -120 fuselage but for specified the big and powerful Pratt and Whitney turbojets engines that were used on the bigger Series -320 Intercontinental Jet. While these jets were used domestically they also began traversing the very long Non-Stop distances between the US Mainland and South America, where many destinations were at very high altitudes above sea level. The shorter fuselage coupled with the big engines made the 707-227 perfect for this mission and it also made it faster than other 707, winning it the "World's Fastest Jetliner" moniker. On the back of this 100-percent cotton t-shirt is the 707-227 airliner and on the front, Braniff's famous "El Dorado" logo is prominently featured!