BRANIFF QUICK CHANGE DFW - Two Braniff International Boeing 727C Quick Change Convertible Cargo/Passenger Trijets are parked at the Braniff Cargo Center on the west side of DFW Airport in 1979. Braniff was still operating a limited number of 727-100 jets as late as April 1982.

During the implementation of the Growth Plan during 1979, capacity was a scarce commodity at Braniff because of the high load factors throughout the system as a result of the new routes that were added. Because of this, additional 727-100s were leased to assist in balancing capacity with demand.

Demand was far outpacing capacity throughout 1979 and into the first part of 1980. However, at the end of the First Quarter of 1980, the United States was plunged into a severe recessionary period that made it necessary for Braniff to retract many of its old regulated domestic routes.

Interestingly, many of the newer routes added during December and January 1978 remained, while the older "bread and butter" routes were discontinued because intense competition coupled with the economic factors made them unprofitable. Braniff concentrated the majority of its efforts at its premier DFW hub and eliminated hub status at Kansas City and Denver.

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