DELIVERED TO BRANIFF TODAY - Braniff International Boeing 727-227 Advanced registered as N473BN is parked on the ramp at Dallas/Ft. Worth Regional Airport in June 1982, awaiting its next assignment. Ship N473BN was delivered new to Braniff Airways, Inc., on this day, Tuesday, January 22, 1980.

In February 1977, Braniff hosted a three day party in Acapulco to introduce the world to its new Halston Uniforms and Quiet Elegant Look that included its new aircraft painted in this deep rich Burgundy Ultra Color Scheme with Lower White Fuselage and Orange, Cream and Burgundy Power Paint Stripes with Braniff Ultra Script in Cream.

The Detroit, Michigan, custom automobile designer and parts producer Cars and Concepts, Inc., created Braniff's new Ultra Scheme in collaboration with the New York industrial design firm of Harper + George, Braniff's design firm, and Haute Couturier Halston, who designed flight and ground personnel uniforms for the airline in 1977. The new scheme was designed with deep rich dark colors that created a Quiet Elegant Look, while at the same time it incorporated racing style paint stripes that gave the aircraft the look of a very fast car.

Ship N473BN was delivered new to Braniff on January 22, 1980, and first flew at Boeing's Renton, Washington, plant a few days earlier on January 12, 1980. This Advanced model 727, which featured more powerful engine options and increased range and Maximum Takeoff Weight, was the first of seven new Series -227 Trijets delivered to Braniff during 1980.

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